Play Place

Today, we decided to play indoors, so we took the kids to a “play place” which was just a little bit bigger than the ones in McDonald’s (but we did go for McD’s chocolate-dipped ice cream afterwards!). Even though there were no swings or slides, the boys got on some very interesting rides.

It took several shots before Aiden was relaxed enough to look natural. He was making some goofy faces before we got this one:

on a turtle

On the other hand, we couldn’t stop Aldridge from making a face … oh well. It was cute, anyway!

on a ladybug

Now, Avery is someone who could put on the charm in front of a camera, and we caught him unaware so we can get a candid look.

in a car

It was hard to coax a smile from Allister. He had just finished his milk and was content to look around the other kids playing.

in mommy's arms

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