Kung Fu Panda 2

Inner Peace

I was really looking forward to watching this movie because the first one had me in stitches the whole time! Someone had said this one had more action sequences, so I was prepared for it. But I wasn’t prepared for the profound story line. Very interesting how the most successful “kid movies” are layered with meaning for adults as well. Inner peace is one of the themes that ran throughout the movie. The message was about finding equilibrium in one’s past, present, and future by being spiritually whole. Heavy stuff.

I think this profound idea was lost on my four nephews. They were content to look at the panda’s kung fu moves, colorful cartoon characters, and dancing objects. They caught some of the jokes and understood the story, but I’ll bet they would watch it again if given a chance. We had great seats right in the middle of theater with plenty of leg room, too. It was memorable because all four of them were so good. Bring on Cars 2!

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