LA Livin’

Today, I got together with my good friend Linda — another dear and enduring friendship I am thankful for. She and Carlos were passing through LA and paid me a visit. We wanted to meet up somewhere central, so she looked up a restaurant in Yelp and found “Four Sea Restaurant” (missing the s?). She thought it would be fun to try it out. The food was just okay (Taiwanese breakfast), but the time chatting and hanging out was priceless. It’s really hit-or-miss with these funky places, but what really matters is the fellowship. Hope to see them again soon!


One place I wouldn’t have minded hanging out longer is the Griffiths Observatory. It is newly renovated and looking really good!

Griffiths Observatory

The LA skyline was fairly clear on this day. I was expecting the smog to cover up the sight but it was pretty incredible to see the sprawling city. What a view from the observatory!

LA Skyline

Beautiful sunset over the mountains … could you see the Hollywood sign right next to it? Hint: It’s in the middle right corner of the picture nestled in the mountains and hidden in the dark.

Sunset in Hollywood

Aaaah … there it is.

Hollywood Sign

I wouldn’t go so far as to say “I love LA” but I’m quite fond of it.

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