The last time I had a kebab was in Greece. I ordered a lamb skewer tonight at this place called Wahib’s down the street, and it was just enough for me. It was nice to have mediterranean food again, though I must admit that I was more focused on my conversation with Myrna. We first met 15 years ago when she was my mentor teacher during my first year as a high school teacher and we’ve kept in touch since. We’d get together at least once a year. But tonight, neither of us remembers the last time we saw each other. It didn’t matter really … we picked up where we left off, just like good friends should. So refreshing to the soul.

She’s usually camera-shy, so I was lucky tonight that she allowed me to get this shot of her as long as I promised not to show her the picture. I don’t know why since I think she looked just fine!


What would be a day like without trying out something new in the kitchen? Today, it was to make our own pasta. I was surprised to learn that pasta is basically flour and eggs mixed together. So, we put these two ingredients together in a ball, and after pressing them flat, we slid them through the pasta roller.

pasta roller

There were 8 different levels of thinness and we got to level 5 before we decided it was thin enough for our taste. It was fascinating (and exciting) to use our new kitchen gadget. It took a couple of tries, but when we finally got it right, we knew we had a winner.

finely pressed

By the time we took out the linguini maker, we were already hungry for pasta. The machine shredded the pasta into noodles. It was great! We were so excited that we took lots of pictures (not me, though, since I was the one shredding).

like a shredder

It looked and smelled fresh. After we boiled it, it definitely tasted like fresh pasta! Yum!

fresh pasta!

However, we thought it looked more like Chinese noodles than Italian pasta, so we decided to use it to make Chinese chicken noodle soup instead. Maybe next time, we can do Italian.

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