It’s Summer Vacation!

This is a get-together we’d been planning for many weeks. We’d just been waiting for the end of school and the beginning of summer vacation when Harry could watch the kids so Julie and I can go out. Since I saw them last summer, I was just delighted to see how the kids have grown! They are affectionate little ones and they are positively adorable.

happy family

There is no denying that these kids are spitting images of their parents. What a good-looking family! Beyond the good looks is the welcome I received the minute I walked into their home. I was immediately enfolded in the family’s warmth. That is always a special feeling!

girl power

Julie and I had lunch at CPK and shopped around the outdoor mall. It was fun to window shop, chatter on, try on dresses, and eventually purchase one that is just the right fit. Nothing like some girl time to make one feel more feminine. It did not hurt to feel pretty trying on nice dresses, either!

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