Family Reunion

It always comes as a surprise, but yes, Ama is here! So, as we always do, we get together to welcome her back. This time, though, it felt sadly different. When she saw me, she did not have the usual glint in her eye and the follow-up question, “do you have a boyfriend yet?” Instead, she didn’t seem to recognize me. Moreover, I heard that she doesn’t wear her hearing aid anymore, so she could not hear very well. Nonetheless, we had our dinner in her honor and tried to include her in our conversations that evening.

Ama is here

Not everyone could make it that night, but it was really good to see John and Penny. They could not bring Justin and Kate along because they already had other plans. Always nice to see cousins I haven’t seen in a long time.

John and Penny

I think my Grandma is 95 years old this year. Would that I inherit her longevity and fighting spirit. What a woman (and still very elegant)!

me and Ama

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