Happy Father’s Day

Wens and I stayed up until 2 a.m. the night before to do lunch and dinner preparations for Father’s Day. It was relaxing and enjoyable, mostly done for ourselves than for everyone else, I believe. On the menu were homemade hamburger buns, turkey burger, and french fries. For dinner, we marinated lamb chops, made fresh noodles from scratch, and prepared shrimp and Filipino-style bitter melon. We even had martinelli in plastic wine glasses for extra measure! What a special dinner!

homemade dinner

For me, the highlight was dessert — Angel Food Cake. It was amazing to watch egg whites and powdered sugar foam up in the mixer. It was a spongy, yummy delight! And of course, we had crepes for extra dessert. All homemade, what else?

heavenly angel food cake

Algee brought their little one to add to the brood. It was Alvin’s first Father’s Day, which made it extra special. My dad and I carried the two little ones and just happened to take this picture amidst all the others being taken — a good memento for this year’s Father’s Day for me!

me and my dad

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  1. kim says:

    i saw your pretzel recipe. how did it turn out? did it become hard like the bagels? also, i cannot seem to find the chocolate cake recipe that we made when you were here. i’d like to do that again because it was so moist.

  2. mbcohao says:

    surprisingly, the pretzels were still soft the next day! sorry I was on skype when you called.

    link to the chocolate cake recipe:


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