Nancy and Marilen

It’s that time again when my ‘peeps’ and I get together for a time of ‘chikahan.’ We’ve been doing this since we were in high school. Whether it’s in someone’s home watching a Tagalog movie in the VHS or TFC, getting together at a nearby mall, celebrating each other’s birthday in a nice restaurant (like this time), we always manage to chatter away (meaning of ‘chikahan’) throughout the meal. We were talking about the wonders of technology and amazed at where our childhood has gone. Gone are the days of cassette tapes, letter-writing, and good old-fashioned family values that we grew up with in high school … this present fast-paced society of Twitter, FB, and Lady Gaga is the new reality of the next generation. I told them that our friendship is like an anchor of what it used to be like for us. We promised to meet again in another month before I leave for Oklahoma as I head into another transition period in my life. This is what friendship is all about …

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