Aiden’s Birthday

Another nephew, another birthday. This time, it’s Aiden’s turn! So, the night before, his mother took great pains to bake and decorate his cake. It’s a chocolate cake with “sturdy white frosting” that we made from scratch (courtesy of allrecipes). We were overjoyed to find that it tasted just right! She added blue food coloring to make it look festive.

cake icing

We took many pictures of the cake by itself — front, center, back — because we were so proud of this creation. In the end, it is really about the kid and his birthday. He woke up that morning telling everyone, “I’m Five!” He even whispered to me, “I’m getting close to Eight and catching up to Ahiya Nathan!”

more icing

Because she was going for the race car theme, she decorated the surface with these swirlies which, I assume, are like tire tracks. On top of the cake were four race cars (not just one – there are four boys, after all). The Veggie Tales candle shaped into number 5 is courtesy of Aiden’s Koko!

I'm Five!

I think it’s smart to divide up all the toys into three (or in this case, four) to train these boys not to think only of themselves, even on their birthday. They are learning to share and share alike. Of course, this also means that the parents have to be vigilant about being fair in all things as much as possible, which is not always easy (believe me!).

share the toy cars

As always, Algee came to the house and brought little Trinity. We were supposed to have chocolate-dipped vanilla ice cream (made from scratch, of course), but there was a special request for crepe. So, we had that for dessert instead, along with the chocolate cake. Desserts galore, indeed!

Happy Birthday, Aiden!

Before the dessert, however, we went out for a family dinner. The reason I am putting this last is the significance of the event. We decided to try out a new restaurant which will most likely replace the family “favorite” — Tian Tian. It is a newer, more spacious restaurant called The Golden Soup. The owner is actually the same person who managed Tian Tian, so the food is basically the same. It looks like we’ve finally found a new “favorite.”

New Tian Tian

5 Responses to “Aiden’s Birthday”

  1. kim says:

    hi beth, do you have the recipe for icing/frosting? i’m thinking of making some frosting/icing for the dark chocolate cake.

    where’s this New Tian Tian?

  2. mbcohao says:

    hey, kim! the recipe for the icing is on this page:

    try it out! it’s super-yummy! :-)

    The New Tian Tian is along Valley Blvd called The Golden Soup! I have a feeling you’ll actually like it! :-)

  3. kim says:

    hey, i do like the old Tian Tian. I just don’t feel like eating it 5 times in 4 weeks, IN A ROW TOO! 😀 😀

  4. kim says:

    thanks for the recipe. what if i want to make it chocolate flavored (to match the chocolate cake)? Do i just put cocoa powder?

  5. mbcohao says:

    that’s a good question! I may have to ask wens and get back to you on that … we do sometimes substitute and tweak the recipes, but she’s better at it than I am! :-)

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