The Magic Castle

Today, we got to go to a magic show in the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood. We were guests of members of this exclusive club who decided to give their tickets to us for this weekend. I’ve heard a lot about this place, especially when I worked in Hollywood many moons ago.

Before the magic show, we were treated to a brunch buffet which included prime rib, smoked salmon, all kinds of cheeses, waffles, seasoned potatoes, crispy bacon, as well as an assortment of chocolate desserts. It was a wonderful meal! Thankfully, though I was very full, I did not overeat like I usually do in these kinds of settings. After the brunch, we proceeded to the parlor for the magic show. The kids loved it and really got into it! I think that’s a big part of the fun for me. Because we were so close to the magicians, we could see their quick sleight-of-hand moves. I personally did not see some tricks that were not as well-executed but I listened as some of my family members caught a hanging string, a hidden pocket, and a peeping bird behind the coat.

the parlor

We could not take pictures inside the castle so I got these photos online. Right before we left, we sat around this room where Irma, the piano-playing ghost took song requests. It was basically the piano keyboards moving on their own without anyone playing them. The kids asked for songs from Elmo’s World and Veggie Tales. We asked for “Sound of Music.” She/He was pretty good … whoever was playing in the backroom. As we were heading out, she/he gave us a treat and followed us with “So Long, Farewell” from the Sound of Music.

Irma the ghost piano player

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