6th Month Birthday Celebration

Maybe we were just looking for a reason to celebrate, but we found one very easily: Allister’s 6th month birthday. The thing is, we’d been wanting to try cooking a live lobster that also just happens to be on sale. Our plans got away with us and we ended up with a full-blown dinner, complete with chilled martinelli!

This is our jumbo lobster, pinchers (snapped shut with a rubber band) and all!

live lobster

We were genuinely sorry to see the lobster cooked alive inside the wok. Yes, we did apologize as it was cooking. Aiden wanted to give it a name when we first got it … it’s a good thing we didn’t or else we’d feel even worse.

sorry, lobster!

We got a little carried away with the table setting, breaking out the nice table wares with matching white plates and plastic goblets (reusable). It didn’t even really matter that all the utensils were not matching. At least our meals were scrumptiously presented (of course, our pasta was homemade fresh!).

table setting

Allister is probably not going to remember how much we made out of his 6th month birthday, including singing him a birthday song and “graduating” him from the bouncer to the table. I must say, though, that he looked mighty cute in his booster chair. He looked very comfortable, too.

allister's graduation

My philosophy has always been to “create those memories”! This is certainly one of those times when we went out of our way to celebrate something for the sake of celebrating it. We will not forget a nicely-dressed table on a Wednesday night! And there’s always something special about family gatherings to celebrate someone’s milestone.

happy 6th month birthday, allister!

What was Allister’s first meal at the big table? I think it was something from a Gerber bottle — I forgot which flavor. In any case, he washed it down with a bottle of milk anyway. We tried to give him a sippy cup of water but he wouldn’t take it. I don’t think he likes the consistency yet and how it goes down his throat. Well, I’m sure he’ll get used to it in time.

welcome to the big table

It only took him a few minutes after his meal, then he started getting restless; we had to pick him up after a while because he started crying. I tried to comfort him and hold him, all the while saying, “Welcome to the big table, little guy. Your life won’t be the same anymore. It’s all just the beginning …”

2 Responses to “6th Month Birthday Celebration”

  1. kim says:

    How fancy! and HOW FUNNY!! it’s so cute that allister has a ‘graduation’. did the other boys get that special treatment too? hmm… joel and allister do look alike… he’s so cute in the booster! 😀

  2. mbcohao says:

    no, none of the other boys got that special treatment. Koko wasn’t around on their 6th month birthday … maybe that’s why!! :-)

    I’m glad you like the pictures! Send us some of yours!!!

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