Yes, the time actually came to part with my baby. I brought it into the shop and I called it the “last ride.” Some mechanic actually agreed to buy my car way above the Kelly blue book value. Of course, my parents jumped on it, though I really think the buyers are planning to gut the parts which are probably more valuable than the whole car itself. It’s not as though I’m attached to it, but since this was my first major purchase right out of college, it does hold sentimental value.

For example, I remember coming back for a visit from China about 2-3 years ago. I was driving the car along the 10 Freeway when I saw smoke coming from the hood. I exited Peck Road. It sputtered two times before it died completely (thankfully, just after I parked on a curb), coincidentally, a block away from the car dealership where I bought it. It’s as though my Corolla found its resting place. It was then that I had given up on it, taking it as a sign that I won’t be using/needing a car in CA anymore. Alas, it was revived when the parts were replaced and the car was given a new lease on life. It lived a few more years.

last ride

Another memory is when I proudly displayed my UCB alumni license plate frame and sticker in the back of the car the day after I bought it. Though the letters have faded somewhat, it was the stamp of ownership that has made it distinct for 17 years. My brother once said that it’s easy to remember my license plate because GVL makes him think of the words “give love.” From then on, that’s how I remembered it.

bye baby

I must acknowledge the knot in my stomach when I handed the keys and ownership slip to the mechanic wearing the blue overalls. “This was my first major purchase,” I said to him, as if asking him to take care of it. He merely gave me a glance like he didn’t hear me; he just seemed more interested in the keys.

All good things must come to an end, even those things I’ve taken for granted. Passing the car on to another reminds me once again of life’s changing seasons. Let go, let live, and let God. Dying begets new birth, and I look forward to many more new beginnings.

3 Responses to “3GVL313”

  1. kco says:

    Whaat? It’s finally going to another home???? After all those years of waiting for you? sniff, sniff…

  2. kim says:

    now i’m looking forward to the “hello new baby” picture

  3. mbcohao says:

    @kco – yep, it waited for me to put it to rest … haha

    @kim – you’ll see my “new baby” soon enough, thanks to you!!

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