Algee in Anaheim

I’d been wanting to go the beach since I came back to So. Cal. and what better place than Newport? I tagged along with Yeegee when she visited her office (scored on parking near the beach!) and I got to spend time (babysit) Trinity for that time. But first, we had lunch at this seafood restaurant at the end of the pier. It was overcast so we opted to eat outside, but I could tell the sun was out in full force because I got darker — at least it evened out my tan lines!

Newport Beach

I got to walk with Trinity along the beach while her mother took care of business in the office. I pushed Trinity in this sporty stroller while enjoying the cool weather and beach scenery. She was so quiet and so good the whole time. She was content just sucking her fingers.

walk along the beach

At one point, when I was peering into the stroller, she gave me this look that reminded me of her father. Her eyebrows would be knitted together as though she were communicating some kind of displeasure. It was the cutest thing! I just had to capture the look with my camera.

her father's look

That night, I tried to hold her as much as I could. Before she went to bed, though, she needed to be washed. Apparently, there is this bathing song that her mother likes to sing during bath time. It starts out with the words, “Cleaning Trinity …” It was a catchy tune and I think it stayed with me throughout the night.

cleaning Trinity ...

I stayed overnight in Anaheim and I fell asleep to the sound of Trinity crying, but I didn’t mind at all. I couldn’t wait to wake up the next morning so I could hold her again.

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  1. kim says:

    not ‘algee’ anymore, but TRALGEE :)

  2. mbcohao says:

    ooops, thanks for the reminder! :-)

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