More Trinity

There’s something about seeing a father with his baby daughter that captures the imagination. In this picture, the little girl can hold her own as she stares back with that same look.

what are you looking at?

I picked up this cute shirt that says, “I love my Auntie.” I know it’s shameless and self-serving, but I couldn’t help it. I was delighted when I saw her that night wearing it. It was just too cute. It was perfect on her!

I love my Auntie!

The next morning, I got to babysit some more when I was given the responsibility of feeding her first thing in the morning. I even put her next to me in bed while I held the bottle. So nice to snuggle with a three-month old, especially when she smiles a lot and make little noises. I really like it when she sticks out her tongue out like this … love that dimple!!

tongue action

She is such a good baby — happy, healthy, and easy to please. I love holding her. She’s already beginning to respond to tickling, too. I think she will be a beautiful girl when she grows up!

one more time

2 Responses to “More Trinity”

  1. kim says:

    trinity is sooo cute!! and the DIMPLES! the eyes do look like alvin. she is shaping up to be a cutie!

  2. mbcohao says:

    she is very much a cutie … I could totally eat her up!!! 🙂

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