The Grizzlies

I was welcomed in Fresno with a good ol’ summer minor league baseball game. As it turned out, the Fresno Grizzlies were playing the Bees — the Angels Triple A team! I was conflicted as to which team to cheer on! I caved and rooted for the home team. When in Rome …

Nothing like a warm and relaxing evening out in the ballpark. And nothing like (almost) catching a foul ball along the first base line! Twice, foul balls came our way! Allen let one slide off his fingers before someone else caught it. The second one came right in front of Jackson and the man who caught it eventually gave it to him. This is Jackson, proudly holding up his ball.

caught a foul ball (almost)

One funny anecdote was that the man introduced himself as Larry. Jackson then said that he knows a cartoon character named Larry (Veggie Tales). The guy didn’t know what he was talking about. “Nice to meet you, Action Jackson!”

Here’s me with my cute niece, Nia. She was very good the whole time. When not looking for food, she was content to be held and even watched some of the game!

watching the game

Unbeknownst to me, the Grizzlies do not win regularly. So, when they led by a few points early on, I heard comments that this was an unusual night. I’d like to think I brought the “win”! :-) We ended up leaving early and assuming they’d won the game. Either way, what a way to start my Fresno experience!

Grizzlies Won!

Kristen said she had been craving this iced coffee recipe. Though we were both non-coffee drinkers, we decided to give it a go! After all, she bought a whole bag of ground coffee just for this recipe. We poured it on!

Fresh Ground Coffee

The recipe called for overnight brewing (8 hours). She had this neat little container with a cute dispenser spout and we filled it up with water to be chilled in the fridge. We were excited for what it would taste like the next day!

Brewing Overnight

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  1. kim says:

    so you all do not drink coffee but you have fresh ground coffee? :)

  2. mbcohao says:

    the fresh ground coffee was only expressedly for this “best iced coffee” recipe — it was way worth it!

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