Staying Cool

We couldn’t wait to taste the coffee the next morning! Even though it was already chilled, we still added the ice plus some other decadent stuff, like sweetened condensed milk. Yes, it tasted as refreshing as it looks!

best iced coffee

In the afternoon, we went for a swim at Pipa’s place. Here’s Allen and Jackson with their noodle tubes. I used it myself to tread into the deep end. Really nice.

Pipa's Pool

Nia got in the pool, too. She got into this spring float and played with the rest of us. Most of the time, she was with her Pipa, though. Grandpa’s little girl, indeed.

Nia Afloat

It was a hot summer day. As tempting as it was to dive in, I tried to keep myself dry from the head up because it is such a hassle to have to shampoo my hair that night. But it was a lot of fun to just play around in the pool with the kids.

swim fun

Another part of the fun was to wash and rinse off Nia in the sink afterward. Yes, she fit right in there. I got to shampoo her hair and towel her dry. Can’t say it enough. What a cutie pie!

rinsing off in the sink

2 Responses to “Staying Cool”

  1. kim says:

    do you have the recipe for the coffee drink that you and kristen did? i also assume that you made the ice cream on an ice cream maker, right?

  2. mbcohao says:

    check out this website:

    look under ‘best iced coffee’ recipe – it’s great! 🙂

    yes, we used the ice cream maker!

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