Happy Birthday, Nia! Part II

Nia’s birthday celebration did not end at the restaurant. We had our own celebration in San Gabriel the next evening (early evening). Actually, we had already been planning the menu a few weeks before. Wens and I were so excited to prepare the meal. Here are the babies for a little group shot.


While the babies were downstairs, the four boys were upstairs playing together. It was really nice to see Aiden and Jackson get along so well, even including Aldridge in their game. Ever the assertive one, Avery got in the action as well. When they weren’t on the iPad, they were sharing toy cars and playing together. What a nice group of boys!

boys' club

While Nia is now standing on her own, Allister is still learning how to crawl. Even though Allister is half a year younger than Nia, he already weighs as much as her! All that chubby legs and baby fat count for a lot. Here, they are checking each other out. It was so cute to see them interact!

Nia and Allister

We really went all-out for this meal. If brunch is between breakfast and lunch, what is the time between lunch and dinner? We ate this meal at around 2:30 p.m. The menu consisted of lamb chops, lobster, meat balls, crab, homemade noodles, and lemon iced tea. We really feasted that night!

home-cooked meal

It was tricky to eat all at the same time with babies and all, but we did begin by praying together as a family, thanking God for a time to celebrate our togetherness.

one side of the table ...

Then, the juggling act began — eating, feeding the babies, and making sure the boys were actually eating and not just playing at the other table while they watched He-Man on TV.

... and the other

Here are the boys in their little table. I guess Avery is just not big enough to join them yet.

Kids' Table

With so many boys and nephews in the family, I just had to get a shot of my special little nieces, Trinity and Nia. I don’t care what people say, I do think that little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice …

my two nieces and their moms

What is a Chinese family gathering without a family picture? I looked through many different copies before I decided on this one. We were all thinking about Tony and Kim as we sat for this shot. We wish they were there to celebrate another family gathering! Someday soon, I hope!

we miss TKNJ!

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