Universal Studios

The weekend before I headed out to Oklahoma, we went to Universal Studios for one last family outing. It was a hot day but we braved the sun and even lined up for an hour and a half for the tram ride! The kids were so good and patient. Good thing we didn’t get sunburned. It had been many years since I’d been to Universal. There were many good additions worth seeing, including the 3-D King Kong ride. Wow!

just another family picture

There is this new thing where you can buy an all-you-can-eat pass and you get to eat as much as you can in many different restaurants in the park. We took advantage of this deal and stayed for lunch and dinner. I tried to eat my meal’s worth, but maybe the heat killed my appetite some. In any case, Adam and Wens got me an annual pass to Universal so I’ll make sure to take advantage of it the next time I come back!


I took several shots of Universal’s attractions throughout the day but the only one I think worth posting is this one. Who needs special effects when you can have this?

cool-looking dude

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