Cultural Exchange

Game Time

Today was the first day of the Cultural Exchange program. We had double the number of students who registered! They are an outgoing, eager group who couldn’t wait to speak and practice English. Our team prepared icebreakers and introductions and games to get the program going. I met a few of the high schoolers, and I got to know these girls who were just fascinated with meeting a foreigner, albeit one who looks just like them but just happens to speak better English! 😛 I was also able to give some of them an English name, usually one that is phonetically closest to their Chinese name. What I do is I suggest three names for them to choose from and they pick one they like best. I’ve done this several times already in the past and it is really fun to do. I hope to get to know these girls better throughout these next couple of weeks.

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  1. Sue says:

    Hi, Marybeth.
    Glad to know that everything go well with you.
    Feel like you are near us when browse your blog…
    Miss you so much, Marybeth.

  2. mbcohao says:

    Hi, Sue! Miss you, too! Hope to see you when I go back in a week! Thanks for commenting on my blog …

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