Setting Up

After Alvin left, it was up to me to do the lifting and moving in the apartment. My adrenalin kicked in very quickly. My living and dining area is pretty bare and basic, but I actually like the minimalist feel to it, so far. That’s where I sit and read. And that’s where I eat and drink. Simple.

living/dining area

My professor graciously loaned me this bed that has been sitting in her garage for years. She said that the headboard has a special story to it. She bought it from a garage sale when she was 13. After doing research on the wood, she discovered that it was actually an antique piece from the late 1800s! Hmmm … I don’t know how I should feel sleeping on an antique furniture every night! Nonetheless, it was generous and kind of her to let me use it. One thing I like about this bedroom are the windows — bright and cheery in the mornings!

sleeping area

Another room with windows. I purposely placed the desk (a gift from another professor) right in front of it so I can be inspired by the greens and the outdoors while I study. The furniture is still really sparse, but I imagine that it will fill up very quickly in the months to come, especially as the books and bookshelves start coming in.

studying area

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