First Guests

I knew it was just a matter of time before I entertained my first guests. When I heard that Jay and Amor were in town, I invited them to lunch and made my tried-and-true pasta casserole. I even had homemade bread for good measure. We had a good, long time of fellowship and conversation. I had only met them once when they visited in LA, but we found that we had so many things in common that we just had to meet up again in Oklahoma! So thankful that they could stop by to get further acquainted. What a way to warm up a new house!

Jay and Amor

In the frenzy of trying to set up the apartment, I was on an adrenalin kick for several days, in and out of Walmart and the Dollar Tree every few hours. What resulted was a comfy set-up of a well-stocked kitchen. For some reason, though the living/dining area could remain bare, the kitchen had to be functioning well in order for me to feel more settled.

kitchen to dining

I placed the appliances and the kitchen wares in the right cabinets for easy access. It took me a while to get a rhythm going in terms of the what-and-where’s of the kitchen. As soon as I got around to it, it became easier to cook and make meals for myself (and my guests). I figured I would need to get this down pat before the busyness of school took over.

kitchen area

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  1. kim says:

    wow! how do you know prof. jay and ate amor? did you tell them you are anthony’s sister?

  2. mbcohao says:

    They came to visit LA a few weeks ago and just happened to pass by OK. Yes, they know about my connections :-)

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