Asian Fusion

Today, some new friends took me to this Asian buffet restaurant after church. Surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly), the food selections and the way they were cooked were almost exactly identical to the ones we find in LA. I suppose these Asian buffet entrepreneurs just know how to draw in a crowd. Besides the reasonable price and the wide selections, perhaps they’ve figured out the palate of the universal customer, Asian or otherwise.

they're everywhere!

Speaking of the Asian palate, one of my professors took me to a Chinese supermarket in downtown Oklahoma City so I can stock up on dried noodles, soy sauce, rice, and fresh shrimp (yes, they have live seafood). I was like a kid on Christmas day as I surveyed aisle after aisle of Asian condiments and foods. Maybe it’s because I had resigned myself to eating only western food throughout my time here. I did not count on the Vietnamese Chinese population of Oklahoma to organize a Chinatown in the heart of downtown. I can have it all!

asian taste

As we drove along, I saw this Chinese friendship bridge in the middle of the street, symbolic of Chinese presence in the area. Who would’ve thought that I could still enjoy Asian food in the heartland of America? Only in America.

oklahoma city chinatown

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