A Day in the Life

And thus begins my life as a graduate student.

It is a Saturday but I had to come on campus for a forum in the college. After the free lunch, I decided to stay and work in the library. Even though I have a perfectly comfortable apartment to go back to, I imagine that I’ll be spending a fair amount of time in the library. There’s something about being surrounded by books and the smell of books that stimulate the thinking. I know, that’s weird. This afternoon, I worked all the way until dinner time. I sat there writing for so long that I had to take stretch breaks and walk around, browsing through the shelves that have collections of three-act plays from the 1920s and sociological abstracts of women’s studies. Sometime during one of my stretch breaks, I had an idea that I could visit the many libraries/study places around campus and try to work at different locations each time. That would be fun (in a nerdy kind of way), and I think it would give some color to my long writing/study periods.

This is the first one (looks empty because it is a Saturday):


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