Baking Cake

Actually, when I first used this oven, my carrot cake did not turn out the way I wanted nor was I confident about the bread I had baked. Though the oven heats up, it does not follow the exact temperature on the knob. So, unless I get a temperature gauge (which I hear is pretty cheap), I’ll have to keep estimating. I made the chocolate cake with a bit of trepidation, considering I was planning to bring it to class that night.

The batter was beautiful, all shiny and smooth, thanks to my handmixer:


I made two batches. I know, pretty bold for someone who was iffy about the outcome. I considered halving the recipe but decided to just go for it, risk-taker that I am.

stove oven

I don’t know what temperature this chocolate cake actually baked in, but I simply just peeked in every now and again to make sure the batter was turning solid. It was really all a guesstimate. In the end, when I took it out to taste, the cake was surprisingly moist and chewy, not undercooked nor burnt as I had feared. I’ll have to owe it to the excellent recipe.

Because I had so many, I shared the first pieces with my neighbors next door, then brought a batch to class that night, then again to the education office staff the next day. People liked it and were blessed, I think.

chocolate cake

Since I’ve been keeping track of the places I spent studying, here’s one more — the periodicals section, this time. It’s where the university houses all the newspapers and magazines from all over the world. There are shelves of magazines and stacks of newspapers on either side of the room while a row of long tables lined the middle. There were cubicles on the corners but I decided to use one of the back long tables to get a bird’s eye-view.


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  1. kim says:

    you do not waste time in baking. :)

  2. mbcohao says:

    have to put the oven to work somehow :-)

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