This Week’s Special

Well, it’s that time of the week again. Time for baking. This time, I had a craving for chocolate chip cookies, so I went to pick up some semi-sweets and butter for this week’s special. At first, I thought I’d save some dough in the freezer, but then I decided to just bake the whole batch.

chocolate chip cookies

This time around, I did get the oven temperature and I felt more confident as I slid the cookie sheets in. I knew the temperature, including the time I needed to take them out. The apartment smelled heavenly — fresh, baked cookies!

waiting ... waiting ...

I packed a few away for myself, then I put some aside for my neighbors. Their 5-year-old has a sweet tooth, so I’m pretty sure he’ll want more than a few of these cookies. The rest of the batch I put in a tupperware and brought with me to the Education Office. Last I heard, they chomped them down very quickly.

ready to go

4 Responses to “This Week’s Special”

  1. kim says:

    hmmm… it seems that you take a lot of goodies to the Education office. are you “buttering” them up?

  2. mbcohao says:

    haha … they actually think I’m using them as guinea pigs for my baking … as long as they eat what I bake, I’ll keep bringing them in!

  3. misshao says:

    nice… yummy! i dont have an oven in taiwan.. wah!!!

  4. mbcohao says:

    my oven only goes up to 350 degrees … oh well, it will do, for now.

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