A Visitor!

Honestly, how many people really visit Oklahoma? People do not go out of their way to come unless they used to live here or they have something specific to do. I have no high expectations of getting visitors these next few months and years, but when I do, it’s always exciting. Today, my friend Molly is visiting from Iraq where she is serving on missions. She used to live in Oklahoma (there you go) and was passing by to visit old friends. In fact, she knows the area well enough to introduce me to this cool hang-out place called The Red Cup. It’s a quaint and cozy cafe with a hippie atmosphere.

I just had to take a picture of Molly with her cappuccino in a red cup in The Red Cup.

the red cup

We took a walk and chatted for a long while. We happened to stop by this Catholic Church and hung out there until the late afternoon/early evening. It was then that we decided we needed more than two hours for two years’ worth of catching up. So, we decided to do dinner and she introduced me to another new find called 501. It’s a fancy restaurant with a nice ambience. I like their bread a lot (with olive oil and roasted garlic on the side). They have grilled meat appetizers and that was all I needed to have a full and satisfying meal that night.

It was such a blessing to connect with an old friend — in Oklahoma, no less! Great food and great fellowship. Great day!

me and molly

2 Responses to “A Visitor!”

  1. misshao says:

    lovin it! food n fellowship in OK. :)

  2. mbcohao says:

    it’s one of the bright spots of my days here ….

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