Rain, rain …

People have warned me that weather in Oklahoma is unpredictable and changeable. Boy, I just experienced it today. After days of hot weather, I broke out the sweatshirt and hoodie. This morning, I went back to the middle school to collect data from students, and I drove in the rain for the first time since I got here. It’s not that different from California driving, only that there are fewer cars and the roads are a lot wider. There’s definitely a lot more space between cars. I can afford to slow down and not worry about impatient drivers honking at me because, as they say, California drivers don’t know how to drive in the rain.

wet roads

I had a late night last night so I slept-in during the afternoon. Before biking over to meet with a professor for his office hours, I made myself vegetable soup (from scratch!). Nothing like warm soup on a cold day. It was comfort food, for sure. I thought I would head right back to the apartment after the meeting, but I decided to go to fellowship group that night. I’m glad I did because I was encouraged by the study and met some more new friends!

warm soup

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