Hometown Hospitality

This weekend was significant in so many different ways. I decided to branch out and meet some new people and make connections. First, I was invited to a lunch with some leaders in the Chinese community here in Oklahoma. We spent a considerable amount of time talking about promoting culture and discussing issues that involve Chinese identity in America. I have a feeling I’ll be calling on them when the time comes to work on my dissertation.

Then, I met up with a high school student who is working on her writing skills. I kicked into English-teacher mode as we discussed strategies and techniques for writing persuasively. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it would come out naturally for me … after all, I’d been doing it for 9 years! That evening, I met up with some new friends who invited me to a dinner/football party at their house. I ended up staying after dessert and some much-needed time of fellowship until way after the football game (did I mention OU football is a big deal around here?). They were such kindred spirits that I feel like I’ve known them for a long time even though we’d just met!

Today, I headed over to a Filipino family’s house. They have weekly lunch gatherings and they invited me to join them. What a joy to speak Tagalog again! Moreover, the intermarriages in their extended family make their home quite a multicultural melting pot. The matriarch of the house made pancit, lumpia, and some type of Filipino meat dish. I learned that the most Filipinos in Oklahoma are stationed in the Air Force base nearby; many of them also married into military men and immigrated to the US. There is a Catholic Church nearby where most of them gather. In fact, they invited me to come to a housewarming party next Saturday so I can meet some more of our ‘kababayan.’ I may just do that.

Filipino Friends

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