Fall in OK

blue skies

The hot days have turned into a most pleasant autumn here in OK. Someone told me it is going to stay this way until Thanksgiving. Wow, if I have two months of this kind of weather, I got it made! It was so nice yesterday that I actually walked to school and back. The sky was very blue and the patches of white clouds stood out against the azure background. The fact that Oklahoma is mountain-less makes the wide expanse of the skies all the more pronounced. This must be the world of the Native Americans as they hunted and roamed and built communities and raised families many generations ago. It must also be the same world the pioneers coveted as they surveyed the land they were about to claim. Wide, wide land under a wide, wide sky.

I drove to a school to collect data today. As I was driving the freeway, I couldn’t help but capture a little bit of this beauty.

white clouds

Today, a classmate gave me a television. I was not planning on getting one. I’m quite content in the silence of my apartment. However, when she learned that my apartment complex offered free cable and I didn’t have a TV to enjoy it, she told me that I needed to get plugged back into mainstream culture (“after being out of the country for 6 years!”). She said she has three TVs and could give me one. So, she lugged it from her car to mine. Now, I have this TV sitting in my room. A few weeks ago, some neighbors were getting rid of extra junk in their apartment and was giving away a DVD player. I took it and saved it, just in case I got a TV. Well, now my new/old TV and my new/old DVD player have found each other in my bedroom.

new/old tv/dvd

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  1. misshao says:

    not planning on a t.v.!!! where’s marybeth? lol.. :)

  2. mbcohao says:

    marybeth has been converted during her time in SH … I wonder who is responsible???

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