Study Sofa

In the quest of looking for comfortable study places, I come to the 3rd floor of Collings Hall. What makes this place appealing to me is that it’s set up exactly like someone’s living room with a sofa, lamp, coffee table, bookshelves, etc. I spent an afternoon finishing several chapters of a novel that I’m reading for a class. Besides the occasional passer-by, I felt like this place could be a cozy, little haven where I could curl up alone with a book.

3rd floor collings

Part of my graduate assistant work is visiting schools where I collect data as well as conduct surveys and interviews. One morning, as I was driving back, I was totally taken with the view of the straight road that stretched all the way as far as my eye could see into the distant blue skies. That’s what happens when there are no mountains in sight. From behind the wheel, I tried to capture the scene so I could share the joy.

on the road

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