The Office

For as long as I could remember, I have always wanted to have a wide table where I could lay out my papers and books and writing materials. Today, that dream came true. Len and Shawn came to deliver the furniture that Len had been working on for me the past few weeks. Len is a carpenter and he graciously offered to build this table for me, which they assembled in my study room.

desk setup

It was beautiful! It’s formica so it’s smooth and heavy and absolutely gorgeous. I can already imagine all the studying and reading and writing that will take place on that table — yes, such a nerdy thing to say, but hey, that’s me.

new desk table

Along with the table, Len built this really tall six-level bookshelf. He said that he thinks I will fill it up in no time, that it would be a start as I begin my graduate studies. Maybe he’s right, but I think it will take me a while to acquire all the books that will be housed in this gigantic bookshelf!


Right before they left, I asked to take a picture of my benefactors. They set up an office for me in my apartment … what more can a brand new graduate student ask for???
I’m already envisioning my office to be a place where I can hide to do my work. One day, I’ll take a picture of what this room will eventually look like!

caring carpenters

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