Chinese Calligraphy

Calligraphy Class

As part of the “exchange” in this program, the Chinese students — or their teacher, in this case, gave us a lesson on Chinese calligraphy. When I was a little girl, I used to take lessons and I remember spending hours practicing with the brush (both thick and fine) and ink. Seeing the little children in this painstaking discipline brought back those memories. Two years ago, I actually purchased my own set of brushes and got the special kind of ink block that you melt with water against a flat stone. I’ve never used it because I had been too busy.

The teacher talked about Chinese calligraphy as representing the essence of China’s language, art, history, religion, and philosophy. His lecture was translated so I wasn’t able to fully grasp the details. I may go back and take lessons from him. I found this a fascinating and intriguing idea and I fully intend to learn more about it.

It’s time to break out the brush and the ink ….

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  1. sky says:


  2. kco says:

    Were you a student or a teacher?

  3. mbcohao says:

    I was very much a student … and intend to be in the near future!

    I posted this picture first so I don’t forget what I want to write about. I forgot to write the commentary on it. Thanks for asking! :-)

  4. mbcohao says:

    I love calligraphy. Actually, I bought my brush and ink set when I was in Huang Shan! :-)

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