Picnic and Photography


Today, we went out on the lakeside for a picnic. The students brought all kinds of local food, some homemade and some bought from the nearby “shao kao” or barbecue. We brought good ol’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich to share. Again, there was quite a good turn-out. When we got to the lake, the sun was blazing hot and we worried about getting burned. The students, on the other hand, were excited to go swimming. But in just 5 minutes after we got there, it started to rain! We took shelter under a canopy in the “shao kao” place — and we gave her very good business.

Notice the roll of toilet paper near the top of the picture? Easy and convenient … I love it!

Lakeside Swimming

This is the lake where they wanted to go swimming. I can’t believe this is walking distance from where they live. We had the picnic a few steps away from this place. Sometimes, I think they take this picturesque scenery for granted …

Poolside Dam

I finally started using my DSLR to take pictures of this place. This dam near the lake attracts a lot of swimmers and people who want to cool off from the heat. Vendors have set up shop to sell swim suits, inner tubes, and life vests.

Another view of the Dam

In the future, I hope to post more pictures. Here’s another view of the Dam. The bridge (where the bike and motorcyle are crossing) connects to a village nearby.

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