Seasons Change

I try to go running everyday, but there are days I get lazy and I go out for a walk instead. On this day, I took a nice, leisurely stroll along the path where I usually run, soaking in the cool autumn air and taking in the scenery I would otherwise miss. For one, I noticed the changing colors of the falling leaves from trees that look like they are bracing for the cold.

fall leaves

As I walked further along, I spotted some red, white and purple flowers. I don’t know if they are necessarily autumn flowers, but they are a nice touch to accentuate the falling leaves. I tried to smell a scent from any of them but there were none. Maybe they were not that kind of flowers.

fall flowers

The air is a lot cooler now but with patches of warmth throughout the day. There are days when it gets really cold and there are days when it gets really warm. Overall, though, I can sense the season changing from one to the next, albeit slowly and erratically. It is like living in a period of tension, of uncertainty and change. Just like life at the moment.

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