Cooking Show

After a long day of reading, writing, presenting, and working, I finally plopped down on the couch this evening and turned into a potato. I resorted to surfing all 66 of my channels, seeing everything but watching nothing. These days, all I watch are reruns, really. None of the new shows appeal to me … at all.

However, tonight, I happened to catch this marathon series on the Food Network called The Next Iron Chef. It has a Survivor-like format where the winner is the last chef left standing. The first hour started with 10 chefs. By the 5th hour, I was transfixed with anticipation to know who would present the most creative, most intelligent, and most delectable dishes on the table. Now I understand why there is a whole network devoted to food. It was mesmerizing to watch a variety of food ingredients being transformed into obscure, yet sophisticated, art forms. The judges must have these refined palates that distinguish the most delicate of tastes. The chefs not only have to think about taste, they also have to think about the chemistry of food, the purpose, and the presentation for their target audience. How many ways can you serve potatoes??? These people know their food, that’s for sure.

iron chef

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