Focus Groups

horseshoe desk

My final focus group session ended today. The kids I interviewed were delightful. They were responsive and eager to please. I heard once that younger students wonder about teachers, “Does she like me?” When they get to high school, they begin thinking, “Do I like her?” Having worked with both kinds, I can attest to this truth. Though I don’t necessarily miss teaching (yet), I thoroughly enjoy being in a classroom setting again — the colors of books and bulletin boards, the smell of paper and crayons, the sound of bells and kids. I spoke to the assistant principal who expressed the current problems in Education, especially limited district financial resources. She also talked about the pressures teachers face in trying to meet state-mandated standards so that it sometimes hinders real learning. It made me think about why I am in this Education program in the first place. Maybe, in my own way, I can make a difference somehow, sometime.

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