Meringue Cookies

Inspired by a recipe I saw on the Food Network, I decided to try meringue cookies. I’ve always been a fan of lemon meringue pies, so I thought trying this recipe would be a cinch. Besides, I just love whipping those egg whites into a stiff batter, like so:

stiff batter

I decided to make chocolate meringue. What could be better? I added two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa, one more than was on the recipe:

add cocoa

Then, I added 1/3 cup of chocolate chips. I was getting excited at this point.

choco chips

The batter was thick and creamy by the time I mixed all the ingredients. Each dollop was like a spoonful of sweet goodness.


The picture doesn’t look appetizing but, trust me, it was really yummy. The reason I didn’t take a better picture is because I got too excited and munched away on the first ones. I also shared them with my neighbors before I was able to take a proper shot.

leftover cookies

If interested in this recipe, check this out:

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