Fun Times

Ivy, Susan, Susie, and Me

Sometime in the afternoon, we hung out at Tea and Juice. It was nice because the store made the 2nd floor available for our big group even though it’s usually reserved for evening customers. I got to know this group of girls I met the day before. In particular, I was able to talk to Ivy about all kinds of things we had in common, including movies, poetry (John Keats!), music, and actors/actresses. I also taught her a few chords on the guitar I brought with me.

I learned a lot about the media culture in this town and how they mostly watch movies (esp. foreign movies) via the internet because a) there are no movie theaters, b) they don’t sell DVDs here, and c) it’s free. They also frequently use MSN messaging and something called QQ (equivalent to our old ICQ program). For the most part, this is how they prefer to keep in touch with people besides text messaging. Another important aspect of their lives as students is that they are in school from 6:50 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. I have yet to really know what they do there for that long, but I gather there are a lot of study periods. Someday, I will write about the education system and the rationale, motivations, and goals of passing an exam.

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