Birthday Hotpot

teacher he

This evening, I took Teacher He out for Thai food on her birthday. She arrived in OK from Yunnan, China, about the same time as myself in August. Since it’s her first birthday away from home, I thought she needed a nice dinner treat. There’s this popular Thai restaurant near campus that I’ve been to before. I ordered the classic Thai offerings, like Pad Thai. She ordered the spicy Tom Yum soup in a hotpot bowl (picture above).

During dinner, we talked about our respective trips to Thailand and how much we enjoyed the food there. Somehow, talking about it made our Oklahoma-based, Lao-owned Thai experience less appetizing. Personally, thinking about the authentic lemongrass, coconut, curry Thai delicacies affected my palate this particular evening. I will not go into the quality of the food in this restaurant, but I will just say that our fellowship was what made this night meaningful. We ended up taking a lot of leftovers (which I ended up having for lunch and dinner the next day). I hope she felt special on her first birthday in America, anyway.

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