The semester is almost over and I’ve been in OK for a good three months. I’ve met all kinds of people and have gained some good friends. One of those is Ken. He’s in two of my three graduate classes and we enjoy discussing education, life, and faith. He is one of those people I would call a “kindred spirit.” Like me, he was an English major during undergrad and an aspiring writer. He is knowledgeable about all kinds of topics, and we can talk easily for hours. We’d been planning to get together for a while now because I missed a book club meeting on Mere Christianity, and he offered to catch me up. We had such a good discussion time that I decided to take a picture to remember it. Again, it’s blurry because of my camera phone. Ken is in a wheelchair because he was born with a disability. In spite of this, or maybe because of this, he has this spirit to overcome his difficulties to strive for his goals. I’m thankful to have him as a friend.


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