Arab Spring

egypt 2011

I still remember in early March of this year. I was lounging around in a nice hotel room in Chiang Mai, Thailand, flipping through the channels. When I saw the CNN report on Egypt and their people power revolution, I was riveted. This was a country that saw its dictator of 30 years being deposed in a matter of days because the people gathered in Tahrir Square decided to assemble and do something about it. It sent chills down my spine because I remember being in Egypt just two years before and sensing the political and religious discontent among the people. As I watched the revolution unfold on TV, I knew history was being written right there and then. As people rejoiced over their victory, the possibilities seemed endless, to say the least, especially in a country where they’ve only known one ruler for decades. I remember being excited for them.

Freedom. Liberation. New Beginning. Hope. Finally. Really?

As I read the headlines this morning, this same crowd gathered on Tahrir Square to protest the military, who refused to turn the government over to civilian rule. Could the people do something about this new strongman? I suppose it’s easier to topple a dictator than to build a government system that would work for everyone. What price, liberty?

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