Las Vegas Stop

We stayed at a friend’s house in Albuquerque for our first stop. After spending the night there, we decided to have a little fun and enjoy the night life in Las Vegas. We walked along the streets, observing people and taking in sights and sounds. I almost forgot how many interesting things one could see if we just pay more attention.

paris vegas

What is Las Vegas without a buffet dinner? That night, we splurged on the buffet in Paris. The last time I was in these theme buildings, I remembered the interior decor best of all. I was mesmerized by the way they recreated the city within the building. The Venetian was the most memorable for me, but after this night, Paris comes pretty close.

paris setting

This was by far the best prime rib I’d ever tasted! I relished each sweet bite. It was so good that this portion was probably worth the entire buffet price. Loved it!

prime rib

We both liked it so much that we got a second helping. We ate other things but the prime rib was our definite favorite! Shixiong looks calm but he is actually excited on the inside …

prime rib pt 2

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