Sojourner’s Journey

Throughout the trip, we mostly saw flat lands. The weather was perfect — mild temperature and sunny, for the most part. On the last day of the road trip, we began seeing mountains. We also began seeing more clouds. We were reminded that we were about to cross terrains and hills, if not inclement weather. We were definitely moving from one state to the next.

road trip

There was time during an emotional conversation that we saw the sun breaking through the clouds. We were encouraged in our hearts because we felt the warmth just as we reached a resolution in our discussion. It was as though we were reminded that despite the gray skies in our lives, the light of hope will always manage to shine through. We could only praise God.

sun breaking through

At the end of our road trip, we reached home in the late afternoon at his place. Shixiong welcomed me home and got down on one knee. He laid out 11 dried red roses on the couch (long story), opened a small box, and asked me to marry him. I told him, “Yes, 100%.” It’s the most sparkly ring I’ve ever seen, able to catch and reflect light at any angle.


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  1. Elbert Chang says:

    Are congratulations in order? Just a photo annoucement- I guess you might have been left speechless. :)

  2. Elbert Chang says:

    I just saw the title of the 3rd photo… Congratulations *are* in order! Are you in California semi-permanently now?

  3. misshao says:


  4. mbcohao says:

    Thank you for the well-wishes! Yes, it was a most memorable time for us! :-) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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