Meeting New Family

This evening, I nervously awaited to meet Shixiong’s family who came from China. When I got to his place, I found that they had prepared dinner and it was a most sumptuous meal. All kinds of dishes on the table … I was so full by the end of it. The fellowship was even better as I was able to practice my mandarin and local Fujian dialect. It feels good to tap into this part of my identity and find that it’s always been there all along, the Chinese part of me.

dinner at home

After dinner, Shixiong took us to see Christmas lights that this family puts together at their house every year. Every Christmas, they win the best Christmas decoration contest on their block. The house is so popular that it’s been featured in new stories and TV broadcasts.

christmas lights

Every year, there is a different theme. This year, the theme is the Nativity. They built an elaborate display in their garage. It’s not the clear in my phone camera, but here it is:

nativity scene

What is a romantic evening without a picture? Here’s a dark one of us. Trust me, that’s us.

yes that's us

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  1. May says:

    Merry Christmas!
    This year’s Christmas Day is very special!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. mbcohao says:

    thanks, May! :-) Hope you had a merry Christmas, as well!

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