South Coast Plaza

One of the places we ventured is the mall. With all the Christmas decorations, I thought it would be a good place to take a stroll and take in the American consumer scene. While they made a couple of purchases, the most important activity was probably just people/culture watching (besides fighting jetlag). In a Prada store, I actually met one of my former students who recognized me. When she told me her name, I remembered her as this high school girl sitting in a classroom, not a sophisticated, well-dressed sales lady in a high-end store. I felt a certain pride to have students who are now part of society when I was a part of preparing them for it.

We saw this very tall Christmas tree and I took a picture of the family in front of it.

big brother's family

And here is me and Shixiong, one of our many growing collection of “couple pictures” albeit another blurry one.

christmas picture

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  1. misshao says:

    looking good, marybeth!!!! 🙂 you’re GLOWING! 🙂

  2. misshao says:

    more updates please! your fans are waiting!… and just for the record.. this is the other miss hao.. haaa.. soon to be the only miss hao!!! wahhhh….hoorayyyy! 🙂

  3. mbcohao says:

    it’s been such a busy season that it’s been a challenge to update, but I will definitely do my best!! thanks for reading!

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