Christmas Eve

During the holidays, we were invited to several gatherings, one of which was this hotpot dinner at a friend’s house. As we waited for the broth to boil, we waited by the living area and had fun taking pictures by their colorful Christmas tree. I don’t think they minded at all.


One of the most significant events of this holiday season is the reunion of these three brothers after being away from each other for 11 years. What a privilege to have been a part of this memorable event! The smiles say it all.


This year, I got to spend Christmas eve with my fiance and his family. We set up the table for our guests. Though the plates, cups, and utensils were not exactly matching, what really mattered was the fun and fellowship we all had. We even got to share the meaning of Christmas with a couple of girls who asked about it. We also sang some Christmas songs when big brother played some favorites on the piano. Here’s my wonderful and responsible fiance checking to see if there’s enough for everyone.

christmas eve dinner

For many weeks now, I had been excited about spending Christmas with a special someone. Tonight, we reveled in the fact that we get to hold one another during this holiday season. I hope I will never take it for granted. It was a most special evening.

christmas eve

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  1. Kim says:

    You know what? Kinikilig pa rin kami when reading how you refer to Shixiong as your fiancé and special someone. 😀

  2. mbcohao says:

    I’m glad there is still the “kilig” factor in this relationship! :-)

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