Happy 2012!

This year’s family holiday gathering was on New Year’s Eve. The plan was to get together and gift exchange in the afternoon before the buffet dinner at Golden Coast. As years go by, I am beginning to agree that perhaps Christmas gift-giving is really more for the kids. We have agreed to give each of our nephews and nieces a gift while preparing just one for the adults to exchange. It was great fun to see the kids open their gifts. Here are our precious little kiddos (minus Joel and Nathan who we missed dearly):

beautiful babies!

As we do every year, we got a gift for Papa and Mama from all of us. This year, we got them a roller bag that they can take to work. Also, Wensley had this great idea to give them mugs with the pictures of all the grandkids. I think they were very pleased with their gifts this year. Here, they are holding a family photo frame from Allen and Kristen:

gift for papa and mama

It’s always crazy and messy after gift-giving time because of all the Christmas wrapping papers. The kids had a great time playing in the middle of all of them. It was a warm and lovely time for the family. Here’s this year’s picture. As always, we miss TKNJ! We look forward to their coming in two months’ time!

family picture 2012

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  1. May says:

    Very envious of your happy family:>

  2. mbcohao says:

    We are all family in God’s family! :-)

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