New Sisters

I had an invitation to join a group of sisters who met up once a month at different venues for a sharing/get-together. This particular Sunday, it was at Lee’s Sandwich in Irvine. What a blessing to meet this group of amazing women. Moreover, most of them come from a similar background as I do. It was easy to relate to them because we spoke the same language and able to talk about familiar cultural references. What a fun time. I look forward to getting together with them and knowing more about them.

It was a blessing to have instant connection with a group of sisters who welcomed me into their fold as I transition into a new stage in my life. Two sisters from this group invited their mother to lunch. She is the one sitting on the side. I spoke to her before the lunch and she shared some stories about her marriage and husband. She told me how happy she was to have met me. I feel the same about her.

new friends

2 Responses to “New Sisters”

  1. Kim says:

    Are these sisters from Shixiong’s church?

  2. mbcohao says:

    yes, they are! :-)

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