The Water Broke

One year ago today, Allister came into the world when the water broke unexpectedly. It was a dramatic time for the family since Allister couldn’t wait to come out and was born in the family car! To commemorate that time, we went back to the place where it happened — Capital Seafood.

We thank the Lord for the delightful gift of Allister Wyatt. Here he is with Grandma and Grandpa:

birthday boy

A few months after Allister was born, Trinity came along. Here are the two little cuties in their booster chairs. Look at those chubby cheeks!

trinity and allister

After the restaurant dinner, we headed back to the house to have dessert. Wens decided to have two kinds of cake — one for the kids and one for the adults. The ice cream cake for the kids had a Lightning McQueen toy on top, so fitting for how Allister came into the world, though I doubt he knows the significance until he’s much older. The three older boys oggled at the cake the whole time. The “adult” cake was a fruit cake — yum!

birthday cakes

Notice everyone wearing red. It’s a tradition in the family that we celebrate each birthday with a “happy” color. It also make the pictures we take a lot brighter (though my phone camera always seems to do a poor job of it).

happy birthday, allister!

One of Allister’s highlights of the night, for sure, was his new toy from Sa Chiak and Sa Chim. He could not keep his eyes and his hands off of it. Even long after the guests have left, Allister was still playing with his toy. I’ve never seen him so engaged!

new toy

Ironically, another type of water broke that evening. A pipe burst right outside the house and caused a gush of water to run uncontrollably down the driveway to the street. It took a whole day before it was resolved. Certainly an event to remember as we commemorate Allister’s birthday!

busted pipe

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