Pasta Meal

I don’t consider myself a great cook or anything like that, but if there is one meal I am confident of making, it’s pasta. I learned to perfect this dish through years of experimenting. I’ve served this to many of my guests and it has never failed to please. And so, I decided that I would serve this dish to my new family. I must say that it turned out well, though I’m not sure how well it went down an Asian-oriented palate. For good measure, I got some organic vegetables to make green salad. I was going to make homemade salad dressing but opted to buy the bottle instead.

karen's plate

Again, my phone camera was not cooperating with me so I had to grab Karen’s shot of her plate. The colors of the pasta and the greens look really appetizing. I think she actually used her smart phone camera. Why does everyone else’s pictures look a lot better than mine? Time to get a new camera! Or a new phone!


2 Responses to “Pasta Meal”

  1. misshao says:

    i love it.. that Pasta was the first P in my toast for your wedding… you are the Proverbs woman! :)

  2. mbcohao says:

    Proverbs woman is high compliment … I hope I live up to it. Now that I’m married, it’s a much more difficult ideal to reach, but by God’s grace, we keep it as our goal! :-)

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